About us

Gurnoor Consulting Inc. (GCI)

GCI is a management & IT consulting firm founded with the aim of applying rigorous research in providing an unbiased analysis of the most salient problems to our clients. We work together with our clients in developing a holistic continuum of strategy, tactics, IT support & training as needed.
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Client First

We will undertake an
assignment only when the value to our clients is expected to exceed our consulting fees


Integrity and Transparency

We will always provide an unbiased and truthful analysis of the data.



Our endeavour shall always be to work like an internal
consultant – sitting on the same side of the table as our clients.

What We Do

Management Consulting

Our integrated management consulting practice delivers pragmatic solutions in rapidly changing competitive environment. Gurnoor’s Integrated Design Framework (GIDF©) ensures that our clients gain a complete picture of profitability driver’s in their respective industries and identify game-changing trends earlier to increase productivity, reduce costs and drive growth.

IT Consulting

Benchmarking. Outpacing Competitors. Potent Process. Empower Your Dreams with technology to drive your business forward. With Proprietary Methodologies of Top-Tier Technologists, Former Practitioners and Business Leaders; We at GCI ensure exceptional Returns on your Investments.

Gurnoor’s Classroom

Learning Centre

Our learning model focuses on developing future leaders who are able to push breakthrough innovations within the organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.